18 November, 2011

unicorn on a ring

I never found unicorns appealing.
I mean, i get this whole magical,ethereal,whimsical thing, but really not my cup of tea.
Same old, same old with faries (exceptions apply).
I never liked her (Ooops!)


 but certainly i am a huge fan of these ladies...

they are kind of fashion designer themselves after all,right?
not to mention their high skills in baking birthday cakes.

To make a long story short, my eyes opened wide in the sight of this (stainless steal) unicorn ring

Girls of Unatamed Menagerie, you did it again-you stole my heart!

And as we speak about these mythical creatures with the charecteristic spiraling horn, it's quite the time to share the following:

(even if it was real- i would never taste it)

(see more of these amazing origami sculptures,here )

and last but not least,
watch our bespoken ''animal''

(ok it's not unicorns, it's Pegasus but little matters)

dancing to the sound of Beethoven's ''Pastoral Symphony no.6''  in Walt Disney's masterpiece- Fantasia.


  1. Ίου αυτό με το κρέας... λατρεύω ο,τιδήποτε μαγικό... (χμμμ μάλλον το έχουν ήδη καταλάβει όλοι από το όνομα του μπλογκ) το θέλω αυτό το δαχτυλίδι....

  2. Oh my goodness! Great post! I'm with you - never was into fairies and unicorns... but I suppose some girls are reminded of their childhood and it brings back warm fuzzy thoughts! It can also be a little tongue in cheek when worn as an adult... Love the spam! Love it...


  3. πανέμορφο το δαχτυλίδι! Και γενικά πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα η συλλογή αυτή στο Etsy! Λατρεύω τους μονόκερους, τις νεραϊδες, όλα τα παραμυθένια γενικά!

  4. οοοοοο αυτη την στιγμη ειμαι σε εκσταση, λατρευω τους μονοκερους *.* αγαπη,glitter κ μονοκεροι ♥
    Λατρευωω το δαχτυλιδι, παω να λιωσω στο etsy για ακομη μια φορα >.<

    λατρεψα το μπλογκ σου, εννοειται ακολουθω!