17 January, 2012

Love at First Sight (daaamn)

Tuesday morning.
I hardly managed to get out of bed.
Looking at myself in the mirror, it's not today's option (not even when i brush my teeth).
Dressed like a 16 years old, looking like a 16 years old after his first major hangover (without having one though), i smacked the road.
45 minutes later, while i am supposing browsing  PubMed, here i am browsing TopShop.
Bad bad girl!

(mommy : do not listen! i am an extremely good girl  in the need of these black things!)

(πάντα ήθελα ένα τέτοιο)

                                                 TopShop Adonis Buckle Open Side Boots

And yes!Nothing discouraging me from falling it love with these boots!Not even the name!
(Greek readers,you know what i mean! )