17 January, 2012

Love at First Sight (daaamn)

Tuesday morning.
I hardly managed to get out of bed.
Looking at myself in the mirror, it's not today's option (not even when i brush my teeth).
Dressed like a 16 years old, looking like a 16 years old after his first major hangover (without having one though), i smacked the road.
45 minutes later, while i am supposing browsing  PubMed, here i am browsing TopShop.
Bad bad girl!

(mommy : do not listen! i am an extremely good girl  in the need of these black things!)

(πάντα ήθελα ένα τέτοιο)

                                                 TopShop Adonis Buckle Open Side Boots

And yes!Nothing discouraging me from falling it love with these boots!Not even the name!
(Greek readers,you know what i mean! )

17 December, 2011

Best Sweater Dress EVER

From Acne
                                                                             image via acne
Ultra soft merino wool.
Hugs the body beautifully.
Very forgiveful.
Dress it up a bit with a pair of wedges and a statement necklace or wear it everyday with bikerboots!
(you got me- these are the ways i am planning to wear mine).

            I bought mine from thecorner.com on a decent price but it is now unfortunately sold out- but still available in camel.
            If you- just like me- think that black is the only color you can live in- you can find it here sadly without any discount-
or if you consider yourself lucky (i don't) you can wait the sales.

PS. I have also found the best opaque tights ever!I could not believe i had not tried them earlier·
Falke pure matt 100 you are brilliant! (oh yeah, i am talking to a pair of tights!)

Converse x Marimeko

09 December, 2011

3.1 prices

One clutch
3 different retailers
3 different prices!
It takes three to make a bargain!

                                                                                          image via net-a-porter
3.1 Phillip Lim neoprene and leather clutch, which can be found here, here and here.

Not much brainstorming to figure out  where i ordered mine!

30 November, 2011

The Good Wife : hot guy alert + shoe dilemma

I have been telling you how much i like The Good Wife (not in details-but i did spread a word).
Time to tell you about Cary Agos- i mean Matt Czuchry-
(thank god i do not have to say out loud his name and if i did i would just call him Cary),
the young, ambitious Harvard-educated lawyer currently working for the state's attorney office.
It's one of these situations that someone no can do but  do not want to separate fiction from reality.

I do not know about Mr.Czuchry himself  but the Cary character suits my fancy.A sight for my sore eyes.

He's kind of geeky,too lawer-y for my taste and has a college-guy face which usually i find quite repelling-but this is not the case.
His deep voice- not the kind-i am a late hours radio producer- way but the hot way, the pauses he makes as he speaks, the Harrison Ford smile and this badass attitude of his, make me wanna ask him for a date!

Which i would  have done immediately if i knew which pair of shoes to wear.

First thought were these
but  then it hit me ·
i am not having a date with Brad Gorski- and even though justice is blind, my lawyer friend-he's not · and as his level of appreciation for fuss and feathers remains to be determined- i will give these purple guys a rain check!
No worries as i have alternatives!
These sky-high  Casadei heels.

With 3 different shapes-but always with the same stunning heel- to choose from i am spoiled for choice, no Matter what,  right?
                                                                                  images via netaporter and thecorner

✂ pardon my lack of fluency in English but i am extremely tired these days and my mind does not seem capable to carry through any kind of complex cognitive processes- just the primitive ones (métro, boulot, dodo)