30 November, 2011

The Good Wife : hot guy alert + shoe dilemma

I have been telling you how much i like The Good Wife (not in details-but i did spread a word).
Time to tell you about Cary Agos- i mean Matt Czuchry-
(thank god i do not have to say out loud his name and if i did i would just call him Cary),
the young, ambitious Harvard-educated lawyer currently working for the state's attorney office.
It's one of these situations that someone no can do but  do not want to separate fiction from reality.

I do not know about Mr.Czuchry himself  but the Cary character suits my fancy.A sight for my sore eyes.

He's kind of geeky,too lawer-y for my taste and has a college-guy face which usually i find quite repelling-but this is not the case.
His deep voice- not the kind-i am a late hours radio producer- way but the hot way, the pauses he makes as he speaks, the Harrison Ford smile and this badass attitude of his, make me wanna ask him for a date!

Which i would  have done immediately if i knew which pair of shoes to wear.

First thought were these
but  then it hit me ·
i am not having a date with Brad Gorski- and even though justice is blind, my lawyer friend-he's not · and as his level of appreciation for fuss and feathers remains to be determined- i will give these purple guys a rain check!
No worries as i have alternatives!
These sky-high  Casadei heels.

With 3 different shapes-but always with the same stunning heel- to choose from i am spoiled for choice, no Matter what,  right?
                                                                                  images via netaporter and thecorner

✂ pardon my lack of fluency in English but i am extremely tired these days and my mind does not seem capable to carry through any kind of complex cognitive processes- just the primitive ones (métro, boulot, dodo)

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  1. θα διαλεγαααα το πρωτο (for sure)