30 November, 2011

The Good Wife : hot guy alert + shoe dilemma

I have been telling you how much i like The Good Wife (not in details-but i did spread a word).
Time to tell you about Cary Agos- i mean Matt Czuchry-
(thank god i do not have to say out loud his name and if i did i would just call him Cary),
the young, ambitious Harvard-educated lawyer currently working for the state's attorney office.
It's one of these situations that someone no can do but  do not want to separate fiction from reality.

I do not know about Mr.Czuchry himself  but the Cary character suits my fancy.A sight for my sore eyes.

He's kind of geeky,too lawer-y for my taste and has a college-guy face which usually i find quite repelling-but this is not the case.
His deep voice- not the kind-i am a late hours radio producer- way but the hot way, the pauses he makes as he speaks, the Harrison Ford smile and this badass attitude of his, make me wanna ask him for a date!

Which i would  have done immediately if i knew which pair of shoes to wear.

First thought were these
but  then it hit me ·
i am not having a date with Brad Gorski- and even though justice is blind, my lawyer friend-he's not · and as his level of appreciation for fuss and feathers remains to be determined- i will give these purple guys a rain check!
No worries as i have alternatives!
These sky-high  Casadei heels.

With 3 different shapes-but always with the same stunning heel- to choose from i am spoiled for choice, no Matter what,  right?
                                                                                  images via netaporter and thecorner

✂ pardon my lack of fluency in English but i am extremely tired these days and my mind does not seem capable to carry through any kind of complex cognitive processes- just the primitive ones (métro, boulot, dodo)

28 November, 2011

Tell me about yourself award

A month ago (time is of the essence, no?) i received the above award from Emelia  who haves this great blog  named The Sugar Plum Fairy , and unlike me she uses to update it daily with lots of interesting stuffs.
It's high time to share 7 (random) things about myself.

1.i have a ''thing'' for SWATCH watches.More is never enough-i own more than 30 of them.
I change styles every single day  and as i am left-handed, i use to wear my watches on my right wrist.
2. i wish i could have properly cared nails (aka a manicure treat  on a weekly basis)-but this is not an option for me at the time.Plus i am not handy at all with nail lacquers (unfortunately).
3. i change my haircut every time i visit my hair-stylist (every month that is). I get bored very easily-so new color shade and differently styled bangs each time- no significant changes on the length though these days.
4. when i was younger i wanted to become a film director, then a fashion photographer. I became i neuroscientist instead. No comment.
5. If money were not an issue i would like to own everything  Alexander McQueen, Ann Demeulemeester,
Haider Ackermann and Rick Owens have ever created.
6. i am a terrible shopper. I buy a lot of things that i really like and suit me, but for some unexplained reasons i do not wear them.Lack of confidence and daily routine are the main reasons to blame.I prefer my Adidas Nizzas over my Tod's oxfords, my Eastpack backpack instead of any fashionable handbag and i feel quite insecure wearing my Ann Demeulemeester platforms sandals although they are a killer pair of shoes.
7. my lips suffer from dryness all year around! I have tried everything but nothing had help me to eliminate the problem once and for all.Nothing ~sigh~.

 I should award 15 bloggers- but as i am not familiar with so many bloggers yet (and the ones i am with, they have been already awarded)- please give me some time credit.

27 November, 2011

Oliviero Toscani + leggings

[aka controversial ads part 2 ]

You may not be familiar with the name but i bet you are familiar with some (if not with all) of the images that follow.
Oliviero Toscani is an Italian legendarily controversial advertising photographer who was the mastermind of the advertising philosophy of United Colors of Benetton for near two decades (1982-2000).

It's the person whose images made me realize (back in the 90s) that a fashion ad,may be something more than Marky Mark , a six-pack  and a pair of underwear.
Remember? (how one can forget...)
 ( a-ha, Marky Mark stands for Mark Wahlberg)


Cemetery, 1991

Bosnian soldier, 1995      
 Handcuffs, 1989

The below images were using by the brand as prints on T-shirts.
(but according to my calculations(!) some years after the original photos were shot).

I used to own ''the children on the pot'' t-shirt (which i still have- it's been more than 15 years!) and the ''priest and nun'' one (both in white)!
They fitted me as a T-shirt dress, and i used to wear them with my fav blue leggings (you know 100% thick thick cotton-the kind that high school girls used to wear in Greece circa 1995-remember?) and cream supergas (f*** yeah, SU-PER-GA). It was my summer uniform for that period!

Pinocchios, 1991 

Priest and Nun, 1991    
Angel and Devil, 1991

 Children on the pot, 1990                                                                         
                                                                                                 images via http://www.flickr.com/photos/benettongroup/

In 2002, he managed to provoke the Catholic circles, as his poster for Costas Gavras film Amen, represented a mix of Christian cross and a swastika.

✂  an interview of Mr.Toscani on CNN here and on TIME magazine here.

25 November, 2011

being irresponsible

''I am an ad campaign, and i spark controversy.
People are talking about me, advertising regulator just banned me, accusing me of being irresponsible.
Shocking?  ( it shouldn't be).
I still managed to fulfill my initial purpose.
To advertise my (any) company, to create a buzz.
It's a win-win after all.''

The latest addition to the(abolished) kingdom of exiled ads,is this Miu Miu shot  featuring 14-year-old actor Hailee Steinfeld, captured in a moment of grief  in a potentially life threatening situation by photographer (and film-maker) Bruce Weber, who visualized Hailee on a set of an imaginary film between different takes.

As far as the kingdom of controversial concern, if there was a royal family this would be the Queen mother* (of fashion ads)·

  *in terms of personal taste                                                        Gucci Spring/Summer 2003                                               

Shot by (one of) the master(s) of controvesy, Mario Testinino feat. Luise Pedersen (although some seem to believe it's Carmen Kass).
And YES, this happened during Tom Ford era (King of all kind of Kingdoms).

And YES, the King can provoke his citizens as many times as he like·

                                                                                    Sophie Dahl for Opium YSL

Think you 've seen enough?

Just check the M7 by YSL and Tom Ford for men  fragrance ads.

Too much nudity to show it in here!
Long live the king!

ps 1. If you haven't watch Ethan and Joel's joint- True Grit or Tom Ford's first directing attempt   
A Single Man, it's quite the time!
It's cold outside and weekend after all!

ps 2. an Oliviero Toscani post coming next  as a mini tribute to the man who created the most provocative and shocking ads i ever laid an eye on at the age of ten
( do not do the maths- i am beyond the age of the first youth)

23 November, 2011

too pointy?

When it comes to shoes, what's your toe shape?
Now days i think i am all about round toes or maybe almond.
I find pointed toe a bit odd and strange and sometimes way too ugly.
(nevertheless there are out there some very beautiful pairs- like the Stella McCartney ones)
The funny thing is that there was a time that i drooled at the sight of a pointed pair of shoes!
It's not that my taste changed,i rather believe that is just a change of how i perceive different shapes and colors each time.

 I felt like i were the king of the world, when i wore these miu miu bow ballerinas!

I still find them beautiful and attractive, but  just not my cup of tea these days!
Although i love them and really really like them (as much as someone can love and like a shoe), ''something'' stops me from wearing them.It's been quite a long time since i last step in them.

As far as my shoe collection concerns, it gets point-er ...
According to inverse proportion relation- the pointer the shoe, the lesser the possibility of walking in them.
Come on guys, it's pure mathematics!
As you realize, these guys have no luck at all! They  will be remaining hidden in their box for a long long time.

[My very first high heels -maybe not so high with today's heel standards- purchased 7 or 8 years ago by my mom!]

22 November, 2011

new obsession #2 : homeland

Many reasons for someone to watch Showtime's new series, Homeland.
This time it is not the wardrobe, the sexy bobs or the cat eyes.
It's the British actor Damian Lewis who gives an extraordinary performance as US Marine Nicolas Brody

                                                   (he is far from being perfect-that's why i am so into him)

who's been released after 8 years of captivity and torture by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
Claire Danes is the CIA officer, who becomes convinced that the intelligence that led to Brody's rescue was a set-up and may be connected to a future terrorist attack carried out on American soil.

(ok,time for a Claire Danes photo)

Every week the series deliver such consistency in the quality of episodes- if only they continue that throughout the series!
I am so pleased that i discovered this little gem and trust me :

DO NOT be intimidated by the plot! It's not a Wesley Snipes meets Will Smith (plus a secretary-dressed chick agent)-trying to save the world from terrors- kind of flick.
Claire Danes is bipolar and she dresses awful!

Yeap, it's all about saving oneself and acting.

20 November, 2011

fair and square

Ooooh! I like it!
(if only it was mine!)
It is not that expensive,it just happens to have a lot of its kind!
Ok, i don't own a fluo box shaped wristlet, but i have a box shaped wristlet and a fluo plain one.

                                                                     Marc by Marc Jacobs wristlet

On the other hand,i have a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of conditioner, but in my bathroom's cabinet there is always one of those  2 in 1 bottles.
You get the picture, right?

18 November, 2011

unicorn on a ring

I never found unicorns appealing.
I mean, i get this whole magical,ethereal,whimsical thing, but really not my cup of tea.
Same old, same old with faries (exceptions apply).
I never liked her (Ooops!)


 but certainly i am a huge fan of these ladies...

they are kind of fashion designer themselves after all,right?
not to mention their high skills in baking birthday cakes.

To make a long story short, my eyes opened wide in the sight of this (stainless steal) unicorn ring

Girls of Unatamed Menagerie, you did it again-you stole my heart!

And as we speak about these mythical creatures with the charecteristic spiraling horn, it's quite the time to share the following:

(even if it was real- i would never taste it)

(see more of these amazing origami sculptures,here )

and last but not least,
watch our bespoken ''animal''

(ok it's not unicorns, it's Pegasus but little matters)

dancing to the sound of Beethoven's ''Pastoral Symphony no.6''  in Walt Disney's masterpiece- Fantasia.

13 November, 2011

dr.desert boot

Smells like teen spirit (so 90s)!
Little i care!
I love my Dr.Martens desert boots!

and yes mom, these are women's style!
It is written on the box!

ctrl+C - ctrl+V

It's been a while since i paid my fav blogs a visit- as i have no time at all- this PhD of mine consumes all my time (as it should be).
No complaints though!

Today i was just fooling around (it's Sunday)... and  found a treasure!

Initially i found the following post at SHOP IT RIGHT NOW  :

 street fashion photography is messing with me


<<  No, but seriously, though — what the hell are they doing? What are those scraggly little hipsters with the Scott Schuman tattoos on their chests running around my city with the bowling-ball sized cameras and complete disregard for traffic patterns doing? Paris is officially 67 percent fashion photographers at this point, they are relegated to photographing cats and recycling bins for the most part. They must be staying to mess with me specifically. They have to be. Well, if not, then one of them, or perhaps one of you, needs to answer my very valid, reasonable questions:

  • Why won’t they admit that they clearly only photograph models? I thought the point of street fashion was to take pictures of people that don’t look exactly like everyone you see in every magazine ever — when did that turn into “Oh, this model’s late for a casting call — better get a few shots of her while she’s on her way?” If I had a dollar for every person on these sites that wasn’t 6’1”, 110 pounds, and fucking beautiful — I would have, like, three dollars max.
  •  What the hell are these people doing? I’m sorry, but a 50-year-old Asian man wearing a Paul Smith suit, a denim jacket, a mink stole, a Louis Vuitton backpack, Air Force Ones, and shutter shades — WHERE IS HE GOING? Does he work at an accounting firm run by Kanye West and a 10-year-old girl? Is he late for an appointment with Willy Wonka at the World Bank? Seriously, this man had one thing and one thing alone on his agenda that day: Stand awkwardly on the corner of the street, smoke a cigarette, and wait for people to come take his picture
  •  Where do people buy these absurd, absurd clothes? I know that a lot of it is more like moving art installations than actual clothes, but you take a picture of a chick wearing a floor-length ball gown made entirely out of Nerds Ropes and you don’t offer any explanation — like, sure, we’re all just supposed to nod along with great dignity and appreciation for art as we ignore the fact that she’s walking around an actual city in modern civilization wearing a bra shaped like a dolphin. Right, okay.
  •  What do people wear if they don’t have a billion dollars at their disposal? You cannot deny that 70 percent of street fashion photography is now just the most amazing, expensive, creme de la creme stuff available. It’s not like they ever just take a picture of some girl wearing an H&M cardigan in a smart, interesting way — street fashion photography essentially just shows you all the fabulous, absurdist ways you can carry that new Fendi clutch! With that Vera Wang wedding dress and coat made out of an animal only rich people know about — duh!
  •  Why are there only two options — extremely put together and classy, or crust punk covered with scabs and rubber bands? Apparently the only alternative to being a rich fasionista, if you want to get on style blogs, is to just stop showering for a few months and wear the same plaid shirt every day. You’re “edgy”? And “edgy” is “fashionable”?
  •  Where do you find these people? I walk around Paris every day — every single day — and have never once seen a woman running to catch a train while wearing an evening gown with a Hefty bag shawl and a pair of cowboy boots. I want to know where you’re finding them — is there just a farm of impeccably dressed, charming, smoking older men in semi-matching suits? Can I go to this farm?
  •  Why do you insist on taking pictures of size-6 women and referring to them as “curvy?” Come on, bro, that shit is so patronizing. “Look, we’re including you, too, fatties!! <3″
  •  How do you find sexy, impeccably dressed older people riding scooters? Where is that secret community? The day I see an older woman in five-inch heels and a floor-length skirt strap on a pink helmet and go putting around the Concorde, I will get “FASHION 4 LYFE” tattooed on my forehead. Stop just blatantly paying well-dressed older people to do fun-looking stuff. We know what their actual hobby here is — sitting outside at cafes and looking at passerby with the hatred of Dante’s Inferno. >>

who credited  Joelle Van Dyne

who credited the original writer Chelsea Fagan.

No it's my turn to copy-paste this brilliant post- as there is hardly a single word in there that i do not find  appealing to me.

Hooraaaaaay Girl!

and a little visual :

                                                               photos via (the beloved)  The Sartorialist

new obsession: PAN AM

ABC's new series takes us back to the sixties.
For me it's not at all nostalgic (how could it be) it is just fashionable!

It's not the plot - it's the wardrobe!

and the eye liner!
oh my! i die for the eye liner!

                                                                                              photos via ABC

Kudos to Ane Crabtree, the serie's costume designer, who except creating an enviable wardrobe closet for Christina Ricci and her Flight Attendant friends, had the pleasure (at least i think it would be a pleasure) to pick clothes for Timothy Olyphant's character in Justified.

Are you familiar with Raylan Givens? The hottest Marshal around?

What are you waiting for?