22 November, 2011

new obsession #2 : homeland

Many reasons for someone to watch Showtime's new series, Homeland.
This time it is not the wardrobe, the sexy bobs or the cat eyes.
It's the British actor Damian Lewis who gives an extraordinary performance as US Marine Nicolas Brody

                                                   (he is far from being perfect-that's why i am so into him)

who's been released after 8 years of captivity and torture by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
Claire Danes is the CIA officer, who becomes convinced that the intelligence that led to Brody's rescue was a set-up and may be connected to a future terrorist attack carried out on American soil.

(ok,time for a Claire Danes photo)

Every week the series deliver such consistency in the quality of episodes- if only they continue that throughout the series!
I am so pleased that i discovered this little gem and trust me :

DO NOT be intimidated by the plot! It's not a Wesley Snipes meets Will Smith (plus a secretary-dressed chick agent)-trying to save the world from terrors- kind of flick.
Claire Danes is bipolar and she dresses awful!

Yeap, it's all about saving oneself and acting.

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