25 November, 2011

being irresponsible

''I am an ad campaign, and i spark controversy.
People are talking about me, advertising regulator just banned me, accusing me of being irresponsible.
Shocking?  ( it shouldn't be).
I still managed to fulfill my initial purpose.
To advertise my (any) company, to create a buzz.
It's a win-win after all.''

The latest addition to the(abolished) kingdom of exiled ads,is this Miu Miu shot  featuring 14-year-old actor Hailee Steinfeld, captured in a moment of grief  in a potentially life threatening situation by photographer (and film-maker) Bruce Weber, who visualized Hailee on a set of an imaginary film between different takes.

As far as the kingdom of controversial concern, if there was a royal family this would be the Queen mother* (of fashion ads)·

  *in terms of personal taste                                                        Gucci Spring/Summer 2003                                               

Shot by (one of) the master(s) of controvesy, Mario Testinino feat. Luise Pedersen (although some seem to believe it's Carmen Kass).
And YES, this happened during Tom Ford era (King of all kind of Kingdoms).

And YES, the King can provoke his citizens as many times as he like·

                                                                                    Sophie Dahl for Opium YSL

Think you 've seen enough?

Just check the M7 by YSL and Tom Ford for men  fragrance ads.

Too much nudity to show it in here!
Long live the king!

ps 1. If you haven't watch Ethan and Joel's joint- True Grit or Tom Ford's first directing attempt   
A Single Man, it's quite the time!
It's cold outside and weekend after all!

ps 2. an Oliviero Toscani post coming next  as a mini tribute to the man who created the most provocative and shocking ads i ever laid an eye on at the age of ten
( do not do the maths- i am beyond the age of the first youth)


  1. αχ, και να ήξερες τι μου θύμησες τώρα με αυτό σου το post!


  2. i love Haliee, i admire her style and ability to still be age appropriate. the YSL ad is beautiful as well


  3. very interesting post! thanks for sharing!