17 December, 2011

Best Sweater Dress EVER

From Acne
                                                                             image via acne
Ultra soft merino wool.
Hugs the body beautifully.
Very forgiveful.
Dress it up a bit with a pair of wedges and a statement necklace or wear it everyday with bikerboots!
(you got me- these are the ways i am planning to wear mine).

            I bought mine from thecorner.com on a decent price but it is now unfortunately sold out- but still available in camel.
            If you- just like me- think that black is the only color you can live in- you can find it here sadly without any discount-
or if you consider yourself lucky (i don't) you can wait the sales.

PS. I have also found the best opaque tights ever!I could not believe i had not tried them earlier·
Falke pure matt 100 you are brilliant! (oh yeah, i am talking to a pair of tights!)


  1. είναι υπέροχο...κι εγώ αγαπάω το μαύρο. ααα, ήθελα να σου πω ότι το ladylike που λες είναι actually το στυλ μου, μην κοιτάς που με βλέπετε σα λετσάκι στο μπλογκ αυτόν τον καιρό... :P

  2. ooooh, it looks perfect! Sometimes simple is the best, because a good cut can make a piece truly amazing!