01 October, 2011

Unconventional Beauty

A couple of months ago, i got as a present this different version of one of my favorite fairy tales.

Everyone (i hope) is familiar with the be loved 1959 animated film produced by Walt Disney and based on the story of Charles Perrault, where princess Aurora falls in deep sleep after wicked witch Maleficent curses her;
she could only be awaken by true love's kiss.


Writer Camila Morton invites Christian Lacroix to join her and together they reinvent the favorite ''once upon a time'' story. 
Morton  wrote the book where Mr. Lacroix  did the amazing illustrations.
If nothing else, this book is worthwhile for the illustrations alone.
The French designer is the Prince who is not in need of a kiss, but of a fashion makeover.

photos taken by me (more than obvious)

images via vogue.co.uk

In 2009 Christian Lacroix became a victim of the global financial crisis as the U.S.-owned fashion house bearing his name filed for court protection from creditors.
In July of the same year the couturier showed what may have been his last high-fashion collection.

 images via style.com

In September 2010 Cate Blanchett wore an exquisite vintage Christian Lacroix Haute Couture gown.She looked divine.
The time i saw the pictures my jaws dropped.
Maybe one of the most beautiful gown i have ever seen if not the most beautiful.

And since this post was initially about a fairy tale- a little more of magic follows

 images via style.com

In the end no one can tell if the fairy tale gone (completely) bad, since Mr.Lacroix has already found other ways to express his infinite talent.

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